Herb Garden Design Plans Questions Answered!

  1. How to design an Herb Garden?

    What is the best way to design a herb garden?

  2. Vegetable Garden planning software?

    My son has taken an interest in planting a vegetable garden. Is there an online source with a downloadable program to design the project? I want to nurture his interest, but don't want the yard to look horrible.

  3. heritage herbal traditional gardens?

    I would like to plant a traditional herbal garden and use heritage pants and herbs-I live in NW Ontario.

  4. Veggie garden for teens?

    Okay so I and my family are thinking of planting a veggie garden and I would be helping maintain it planting it as watering it and I was wondering if it's a good idea, and alsothinking That it's a good way to show responsibility, what do u think? Do u think this would show responsibility and that it would be a good thing to plant a veggie garden? I'm 14 btw

  5. Making a raised garden bed?

    I'm looking for an easy to make raised garden bed plan. Something where I can also grow vegetables in without having problems. Thank you in advance!! :)

  6. Decorating small garden and balcony?

    I have a small garden and i want to make it look nice, sadly we can only have pots at the moment, but we do hae a small gap for some trees, i also plan on getting a fish pond of some kind, so any suggestions will be helpful. Also, i get my own personal balcony, i have a fold up chair but what else should i put on it, i collect bugs in the summer. I have cats if that helps. Any suggestions on both topics will be nice, especially links. Thanks

  7. zone 6-7 Flowers, Herbs, Shrubs?

    I have a blank canvass to work with! Any good suggestions? I love sage, is it hardy to zones 6-7? What about parsely and basil? Also, I need to plan my design. Can anybody reccommend a design program -i can't really draw -does is have to be to scale?