Herb Garden Design Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. Any unusual gardening ideas?

    The garden is a blank canvas so far and I'll like any unusual ideas for the garden for pathways, plants dining area etc. we have children so any ideas should be kiddieproof! Many thanks! If anyone could direct me to any pictures of garden design that would be fab!

  2. Small Garden Designs?

    I have a small garden out the back. There is a trampoline in the back but we are considering getting rid off it as my children do not go on it anymore. The kitchen doors open onto the garden and there is a small gate at the back of it. The garden as well as the house is attached to my next door neighbours so i can not grow any hedges or anything like that because the garden is surrounded by high fences.

  3. what is the importance of vegetable/herbs in a permaculture garden?

    i need some help with this because i cant find it on the internet it would also help if you told me the importance of: habitat water tanks chickens+otheranimals in a permaculture garden thanks!

  4. Drawing/design ideas please?

    I'm after something fun to draw or design. I don't really like still life, so I wouldn't really enjoy drawing that jug thats on the bench. I do like designing things or drawing though. I'm not a greatly skilled drawer, but I have some talent. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! I will choose a best answer. And I'm not a big fan of Anime. Thankyou soooo much Meenaksh I like the mosaic/outline ideas.

  5. What do you collect? What is your true collecting interest?

    Strange as it may seem, I collect Garden Tags. You know the ones that come with your flowers and vegetables, herbs, etc.. I love all of the shapes, designs, pictures, colors and whatnot.

  6. Does anyone have links to well designed garden ideas?

    I'm looking for links to good photographs, or even video links. I'm NOT interested in flower, or the extremely fancy herb gardens. I'm interested in really practicle gardens that produce fruits, vegtables, berries, and possibly small orchards. Living and working on my own farm leaves me little to no time to tour the gardens of other people. I'm always looking for good ideas I can incorperate into my own gardens and orchard. So links with pictures, good drawings, or videos would be very much appreciated!

  7. I am 12 and I want to save money. How can I save MONEY!!!?

    Alright. The things I want to get are: ~iPod Nano. (How much would that cost?) ~Digital Camera ~Cell Phone (possibly picture phone or RAZR) Any Body got any ideas? I have an iPod but I want a different one. I was shooting for a digital camera a couple months ago. How do I save money for each and still have a dollar or so to spend. I usually get 20 a month or 5 a week. It depends. Any ideas. I live in the country so if its like a garage sale... it wont be a ble to happen. Okay thanks. LOL. ~Niki

  8. I am new to growing vegetables and would like to know?

    I have three tomatoe plants and one jalapeno plant growing in containers. They are all growing fast and tall, but are producing very little tomatoes and jalapenos. Should I prune these plants in hopes of them producing more? Any other tips you could give me would be helpful as well. Thank you.

  9. How can I make 10 months go by fast? I have baby fever and I have to wait!?

    My husband and I plan to start trying for a baby in 10 months when our mortgage is paid off. For the next 5 months I am going to Collgege to finish my degree. I graduate this December. After that I have 4 months to kill before we try for a baby. What can I do to kill time? I was thinking of scrapbooking, working out, maybe joining a mini bowling league, taking a free art class. I need ideas to kill time and keep my mind off of being a mommy. Its killing me!

  10. What are some cool historic stories?

    Hey i have a history project and i have to do anything that doesn't involve writing. I can make a drawing of Genghis Khan or a model of the pyramids or a picture of Roman battle formations and etc. What should i do for my project? I'm thinking of making a clay model of Pheidippides. The guy who ran 26 miles non-stop to deliver a message. ALSO IT HAS TO BE BEFORE THE 1400 A.D Please give me interesting ideas or strange historic stories.