Small Herb Garden Design Questions Answered!

  1. Super cool small hobbies to have?

    Okay, so I want to do a lot of small hobbies, like shooting bow & arrow, drawing, dancing, walking on stilts, etc. to keep me busy alot do name all you can

  2. are plant guilds desirable to use in a permaculture-style garden?

    is it possible to design a permaculture garden by using plant guilds? how does the size of the plot affect the decision? what are the advantages and disadvantages?

  3. Help with designing a garden for school, please?

    Hi everyone! Okay, so at my school, we do these design challenge things, and this time we have to design a garden. Well, the winning group gets to actually plant their garden and gets like 20 extra credit points in every class. I really want my group to win, but the thing is, we really don't know anything about gardening, so I was wondering if any of you experienced gardeners could kindly help me out with my questions? 1. What plants would grow successfully? Mainly vegetables, fruits and herbs. (This is around the Detroit, Michigan area, and the area we would have to plant in has partial sunlight [I think that's the correct term]) 2. We're close to a wooded area, so deer are a potential problem...I heard there was a flower you could put around your garden to discourage deer, but I'm not sure what it is. Thanks so much in advance, and I apologize for it being so long! -Katie ♥

  4. I really want to start a garden but I have a fear of snakes..?

    Anything I can possibly do to keep them out? I am terrified of them and there is a natural stone wall in my backyard that my mom saw a snake go.. so they are around. Can fruits and veggies grow indoors or perhaps on a raised porch/balcony? (or can snakes travel up there?) I had a tomato plant in a pot and he didn't do too well, but what abould lettuce, scallions, or berries?

  5. how much should I charge for a small herb garden?

    I planted a rock-lined herb garden for my mother recently, and her co-workers and friends have shown interest in one of their own. I estimate about 250-300$ if I want to make any money, but I feel like I should be charging more, even though I already feel like people will not want to pay that much for one. The specifics: 20 ft diameter, rock-bordered, one large bag of high-grade potting soil mixed with the topsoil, 4 hours of labor, 1 hour of purchasing plants, 1 hour collecting local stones for border, 1 hour painting rocks as labels for each herb, and a total of 30 plants (9 different herbs). I don't have my own tools, so I'd have to use theirs, and I also designed the layout. I would definitely discount if I had to use the customers' tools and if they also designed the layout of the garden. The price would obviously reflect the size of the garden, but the 20 ft diameter price would be a good starting place. Thanks for your input!