Container Herb Garden Design Questions Answered!

  1. how to grow a garden in my kitchen?

    I want to know what vegetables and herbs I can grow year round in my kitchen. I want to learn how to grow an inside garden.

  2. Getting started in container gardening - NO vegetables or herbs!?

    Can anyone give some basic pointers on designing and planting annuals or perennials for container gardening? I am not interested in growing vegetables or herbs, but am very intrigued by my new gardening hobby. I have almost no bed space to speak of, so I thought color containers would be a good way to go. Are there any basics that i need to know - like soil mixes (lots of people say "just use Miracle Grow potting soil") - container types, how much room do roots need, how many plants can i fit in a given container size, for that matter, how do i know the size of a given container? Thanks for any good advice!

  3. A list of herbs for any herb garden?

    i'm growing an herb garden and i want a list of herbs that could do really well in south florida. any field will be fine and also i live in parkland (southern flordia about 20 mins from fort ladurdale) we have a big yard and some are going to be potted plants

  4. about planting a healthy garden?

    I wanted to plant a garden in my yard this summer. Just some flowers and maybe some really easy vegetables. Does anyone know how i should go about doing this? What kind of soil should i get, and what kinds of fertilizer? What area of the yard? How large of an area? When is the best time to start planting?

  5. How do I use my EarthBox gardening kit?

    I got it as a present, and I don't know how to start using it. : )