Raised Herb Garden Design Questions Answered!

  1. herb garden/ or fruit garden?

    hey i want to make a garden.. preferably herb.. or a fruit or both... can those two things be planted together in one garden.. i live in massachusetts in newengland so can i even plant those here,,, i need all the details on waht to plant.. where.. when to water and how to take care of .. please help

  2. What are the features of a Tudor Garden?

    I need some basic features for a Tudor period garden for history, please answer quickly! I also have to explain why Hardwick Hall has these features. Thank you!

  3. future Garden help? why does this HAVE to be 20 characters long?

    ok so im a junior in high school and i really want a garden. I know that they are hard to manage and take a long time to maintain but i love gardening. but I have a little problem... ok so first of all the soil is, please excuse me, but, well, crap. its all shale and hardly dirt. i live in the country (in the woods actually) in New Jersey (Northern New Jersey is really beautiful, a lot of it is country and farms, it is not all industry and factories!) so there are A LOT of deer, and gophers, and chipmunks and all little critters that eat your plants. Also i just want a small pretty garden with herbs and veggies and flowers. kind of an old school garden. My dream garden is a beautiful knot garden. but i think i will hold off on that until i get my own place and enough time to care for it. ok so i just want to know what plants to plant and how to protect my garden. oh and also plants that are low maintenance but look really nice! thanks so much! i really appreciate your help!

  4. Starting a Garden..for beginners.?

    I want to start a simple garden. Just to see if it might be something I can keep up with and enjoy. What is a good vegetable or fruit to start with and good advice on when, where, and how to plant.

  5. How to start a vegetable garden?

    How do I start a vegetable garden?

  6. non organic garden soil into organic garden soil ?

    is it possible to turn non organic garden soil into organic i was thinking of removing the first bit of soil and replacing with organic i will be certifying the veggie and herb garden and i will be using a landscape design so i cant use raised beds