Small Garden Landscape Photos Questions Answered!

  1. Starting a small business?

    Hey , i was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on chooseing a job these are the ones i had in mind - window cleaner painter gardener you know like they type of jobs if you have any other suggestion please put them down , so could you tell me on average how much they make etc, thank you soo much :D

  2. landscape problem?

    Do u have any photos for landscape designs drawings at villas or small house ? It will be kind from u I hope to be a good designer what should I do thank u @ Eman G u r so grat for your efforts I appreicate that Wow u r so nice @Kimberly u really reached what I need thank u If u have more u can email me that well be kind God Bless u

  3. Does anyone know of an online landscape design tool that's free?

    I would like to plan out my backyard so I am less likely to mess things up! Does anyone know of an online landscape design tool that's free? (Not the BHG garden design tool, it lets you design a small garden but I'm looking for something that would let me design my whole backyard.) If I could upload a photo of my own yard to use for the planning that would be a plus! Thanks!

  4. Pictures of garden ponds...?

    ...with a small river ,with or without bridge ,and not too big? please post some pictures, I'm gonna renovate.

  5. Vegetable Gardening?

    I have limited space available, with rocky ledge under the dirt. I am looking at having to use RAISED BEDS for my vegetable garden next year. How would you suggest I accomplish this small feet? If you could send diagrams - I'd appreciate it. Message me and I will give you an email address to send to! Thank you! Sincerely, Becca I can get pictures of the area I intend to use - if you are willing to help work me through it ((for free))... ~Rebecca

  6. landscaping ideas?

    I am looking for a website that I can design a landscape idea for the front of my house. I want to put a small flowering tree w/ flowers. Does anyone know of a good website? Also I am wandering if anyone has ideas as far as window ideas, instead of shutters, what can be placed around windows that would be neat?