Flower Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How do you make a flower garden?

    It's for a class assignment...Please answer A.S.A.P.

  2. Landscaping ideas?

    I live in south Mississippi. I would like to do my own lanscaping but I don't know much about outdoor plants. any ideas about what plants or shrubs would be nice looking without a lot of upkeep?

  3. Landscaping/Gardening ideas, what type of flower bed can I set up?

    I want to set up this little corder with nice flowers that are seen and grow back every year ( but im sure my boyfriends parents will ruin it) but i wish to just make it a nice flowerbed . They just cut down the trees and I have been epeating myself that they need to dig and then hack it with an axe, (their very lazy they will wait 10 years before moving from the tv) SO i guess I'll end up doing it I have many flowers growing as a slow pace, lots of daisies and black eyes Suzann for the strip because this area is full sun. I know i why bother doing it but you live with you boyfriends parents you want to keep yourself busy from getting depressed having no privacy for almost 3 years & unemployed and no one wants to hire you for your lack of confidence so gardening does it. ( they just destory everything but digging out and placing dirt here and there very half assed and then wees grow over. So I have this wild flower mix i separated seeds and cosmos and zinnas and violas, but looking at the landscape is there any hope in my efforts ?Can i put something that will last. I know in the front is a disaster i over fertilized the front day dreaming last year so i bought grass seed in hopes that the father doesn't go over with the lawn mower. i just think that their old and even though your supposed to get wiser they got lazier and spend 5-8 hours in front of the tv unless its gardening time which is where they place gardening dirt with rocks into the flower beds here are the pictures as numbered not to be too confusing is you have an ideas or concepts for a lasting low maintenance garden. 1. http://www.fotothing.com/photos/73c/73c4636c079f3e80fc1b736b990eb99a_0fc.jpg Some things I cannot remove she likes it there so i can't argue too much ( like a rose and a tree?) 2. http://www.fotothing.com/photos/da8/da811c3c97049665e5a6f8ff493f218d_0fc.jpg Here is the corner with the tree stump that i will have to chop out ( i never did it but Im sure dads genes will kick in ) 3. http://www.fotothing.com/photos/cc8/cc8a0e1a61eac171f0adc666911ea00b_77f.jpg More areal views 4. http://www.fotothing.com/alphadot/ here is most of them I have many types of flowers bachelors button and back eyes and zinnas and viola and sun flower , something ice lol i have mainly colors of orange and white and blue and some pick and yellows ijust want to have a go at it for landscaping

  4. landscape ideas anyone?

    I live in Florida. My home is a dark chocolate brown and cream trim. It is a 2 story traditional. So far I only have grass and a couple of azalea bushes. I want to do some zeroscaping in certain areas. I don't want to underwhelm the house by putting small flowers. What are some things i can do that are pretty low maintenance and affordably priced?