Small Garden Landscape Philippines Questions Answered!

  1. where to buy fountain statues in the philippines?

    where to buy fountain statue in the philippines where is the store or home furniture, accessories, backyard accessories if where is the fountain statues

  2. China, Philippines, Laos, Thailand or Cambodia?

    BEFORE ANSWERING - READ THE WHOLE POST! I'm looking for somewhere that is: Full of culture and different from the UK/Western world. Somewhere with different ways of living and not like the Western world. I don't care if some people may find it hard to adapt or understand it but I just like seeing a different lifestyle/society/traditions. I like places where the people haven't moved into the Western way of living and have that friendly style. Also somewhere with beautiful natural landscapes and picturesque places of natural beauty. So NOT big, polluted cities!! Also somewhere cheap, and preferably not full of tourists. This Summer I want to go back to Asia. I could go for a maximum of 3 months (although most likely 2 months) I have already been to Thailand and Cambodia. But I only saw the south/middle of Thailand (krabi, phuket, koh samui etc and bangkok too). While I really liked Cambodia but only saw it so briefly and didn't even see Angkor Watt. So I want to only see the NORTH of thailand (eg chiang mai and places like that), and see Cambodia all over again in more detail and maybe go to a rural village. I also know Muay Thai and would love to train for a short while over there too. When I was in Asia last time, I wanted to see the Philippines but ran out of time. So I made it a priority to see the country this time when I go back. However with the winds in the area before, I don't know how much of the Philippines has been affected. Laos has always appealed to me as there seems to be lots of waterfalls, lakes, rivers etc. And the people are meant to be super friendly which I love! China is a big place but once you leave the big stuffy cities there seems to be loads of stunning scenery and natural places of extreme beauty that I would love to see. And the healthy eating/green tea! I would like to visit the small villages. Which of these countries would be best for me? And sadly I don't think I can visit all of them so which would you say is not right for me/does not meet what I am looking for...?

  3. Who can name ALL of the categories on Yahoo Answer?ALL OF THEM!?

    Hehe..So the first person to name every single one of the categories here on Yahoo answer (example:Singles and dating,General-internet) all of those! gets 10 points. *i wonder who can do this..* i mean every one of them! like even the ones inside of the categories..not just the main one..oh..and no my life doesn't depened on it ;)

  4. what is step farming?

    in hilly areas ???

  5. Can you name all the categories on Yahoo! Answers?

    Please, please, please, don't delete this until I get to read all the answers! if you would please add the sub-categories...all of you seem to be giving me just the big categories...

  6. Student Visa or Working Visa? Any advice?

    Maybe somebody could help me with some advice on what I could do with my situation. Here is my history. I have lived in Sydney, Australia for 9 years. From years 9 to 12 (HSC), i did General Studies, then 3 years Bachelor of Nursing. I also had the chance of doing the one year New Graduate Program for Nurses. So for 8 years I was on student visa. After finishing Nursing I then applied for skilled graduate visa 485, on the 8th of March 2010, so I could work and do my new grad. While waiting I was given a bridging visa with the conditions that I could still work and do new grad. April 2011 I already finished my new grad program but there was still no result for my visa application. What made things complicated for me was that after my new grad I had to go home here to the Philippines to prepare things for my wedding on June (last year). So I applied for a travel visa so I could travel home. I was granted travel visa and I left Sydney mid April. While already here in the Philippines I received an email from the immigration regarding my application requesting me to provide again police clearance and to undergo another medical exam; because they were only valid for 12 months, and it's been already 18 months waiting time so what I have provided have already expired. At that time it was very stressful for me as things didn't turn out good with our wedding planner. It was very difficult for me to go back to Sydney to process for medical exam and police check. Therefor I wasn't able to provide immigration what they've asked for and as a result they refused my visa application for skilled graduate. It was a very big mistake that I wasn't able to follow it up. Now I couldn't enter back to Australia. I really had to start back from scratch to move on. Now my nursing registration has also expired which made it even more unfortunate. I thought processing time would take a while if I go back as a nurse, because I would have to renew my registration first and then apply for a job. If I would apply for work visa I know it will take 18 months or more waiting time, unless I get sponsored. I've only had 1 year experience as an RN, small chance that I'd be offered sponsorship. While trying to figure out other ways that I could go back to Sydney, I thought this would be my chance to study horticulture/landscape design. It has always been my dream since I was still a child. My parents wanted me to take up nursing because of it's job opportunity. It's not that am a bad nurse, it's just that it's not really my dream job. I really put myself in line when trying to help people. But in 7-10 years from now I imagined myself starting my own landscaping business or integrated farm, designing garden parks/resorts and so on. With this in mind, I applied for student visa through IDP, and I also applied for my wife as dependent. IDP helped me find a school and assisted with the visa processing. Last week I received the result of my student visa application. Unfortunately it has been refused. The decision was subjective, my documents were fine, except that they were concerned that I will only use my student visa for entry to Australia. Maybe they worry that once I get to Sydney I will just ditch horticulture/my student visa and that I will apply for work visa and shift back to nursing. So now I have 2 visa applications refused under my name. I'm still very keen to study horticulture. I have paid for my fist semester fees and was already looking forward to studying. What if I would apply again for student visa and I would attached a letter to my application saying that in 2 years I won't renew my nursing registration, I will only finish my 2 years study; do you think immigration will consider? And they can even check with the Australian nursing board or APHRA. They can deport me if they find out that I have renewed my nursing registration. What do you reckon? Or is it greater chance if I would continue with my nursing and just put aside horticulture for now? Maybe they will think there is something fishy about me if I'd apply for work visa again as a nurse. Thanks.