Small Garden Landscape Design Photos Questions Answered!

  1. pictures of gardn design ideas?

    does any one know any sites that i can look at small back gardens, i love gardening and am always looking for inspiration

  2. Where can I find these type of gardening jobs?

    I would like a gardening job but more in a small environment such as around a company's building or a park district. What would you call this type of gardening job and what are some good company's or places to look for this kind? Are there any gardening job board sites that are good? Any help will do! :)

  3. I am doing a course for gardendesigner , I have just started but I need to know what a Aha garden looks like?

    I need some more information about aha gardens , I know these were gardens designed to make the garden look wider and ?bigger but I can''t find a specific photo or picture as an example , who can help me ??