Small Garden Landscape Photo Gallery Questions Answered!

  1. What are some low maintenance plants for my garden?

    Hey so... I don't have much time to spend on a garden, but I would like to plant something that looks nice for under the window in the front yard. I am looking for something that basically takes care of it's self. Any bushes or flowers.. anything that would look pretty, but not be too much work?

  2. I need some gardening ideas?

    I don't exactly have a green thumb, but I'm tired of my yard looking so bare. I live in Florida, and can only water once a week. Eventually I want to plant a tree for some shade, but otherwise, most of my front and back yards get direct sun. The soil type is pretty much "sugar sand". Any and all ideas are welcome, and a big thanks in advance.

  3. New to Gardening and really need advice on flower bed design..?

    I have a new bricked in flower bed that is about 15 feet wide and 3 feet deep. I am in zone 6b and the garden is in mostly full sun for the day. So far I have two Emerald Isle Leyland Cypress (small spirals)and two Golden Euonymus to the rear of the bed. In front I have Hostas and some colorful annuals - petunias, celosia and coleus. I still have a space to the rear (in the center) which I would like to fill in with something really eye-catching that will bring color in the spring and summer, and not die in the winter... I was thinking a Hydrangea, but I don't think it will do well in the full sun - and the winter frost may finish it off... Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated. And if I am on the wrong track with my mix of plants - please let me know while I still have the pots and the receipt! :-) Thanks all...

  4. I need to find a very quick growing plant to cover all the rubbish in my garden. Has anyone got any ideas.?

    I have quite a lot of rubbish in the back of my garden and I have put a small fence in front of it. I need to know of a quick growing plant to cover it. Yes, I would love to get rid of the rubbish but I inherited it when I moved in and it would cost a fortune to have it removed.

  5. how do you build a waterfall for a pond?

    could you do it with rocks you find in your yard and just put them in apile near your pond i need help making the water come down the waterfall please give step-by-step instructions

  6. I plan on tilling up a garden area about 24'x24', adding about 5" of compost from grass clippings.

    The compost is from only grass clippings and has been collected over two years and piled in a heap behind my storage building. It is black almost all the way through and filled with earth worms. I wanted to till out the 24'x24' and lay soaker hoses down in the ground and cover it with a mixture of the soil and compost. How much compost should i mix? Is 50/50 a good idea? I am going to have a soil analysis done to get fertilizer and ph adjustment recommendations. I have also planned to make 6-8" high boxes with some railroad ties I can buy from a local store, are there better more affordable things to make a pleasant looking and functional box? Do I need to add the compost by hand instead of tilling it into the soil to avoid killing the worms? This is my first gardening attempt and I want to have a success story, any advice will be greatly give me some good tips :)