Home And Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Landscaping Ideas?

    Can anyone direct me to a websight where I can get Ideas on how to make my yard nice and preety?

  2. commercial/hotel/ hospitality landscape/garden design?

    is there any online information regarding landscape/garden design? i'm trying to get as much info as possible regarding this subject, especially the latest design trend/image reference...etc. any help is appreciated.

  3. Looking for simple, inexpensive landscaping ideas?

    My husband and I have been in our home our home for 3 years now (it was brand new and the yard a blank slate at the time). We've been slowly planting assorted trees on the 2.5 acre property but have not done any specific landscaping yet. Now we're ready! We don't know the first thing about landscaping nor do we really have an artistic eye as to what would look good. Its going to be expensive to get started, so I'm thinking we want it to be minimal in regards to plants, etc. Maybe some shrubs, possibly a small tree, maybe a few flowers or rocks, etc. We live in a split level home and are looking to do the area in front of the portion of the house with ground-level windows. It is approximately 28 feet wide and we're thinking of raising the ground up to the lower edge of the shutters (maybe a foot or so) and know we don't want it to be square. Does anyone know any websites or books that I can look at to give me some ideas of simple layouts?

  4. Home?landscape Designs?

    i wan to renovate my old MUd House at Kashmir, requires Landscape Designs with Home plan to siut the Place like Kashmir, I have 1 & Half acre of orchard land around my House.

  5. What are some good landscaping ideas for my garden?

    Do you know any sites that has good landscaping pictures to get ideas? I have planted 6 fruit trees, and now need to do the landscaping and the ground work to cover the dirt and make it look nice. If i don't cover the dirt, weed keeps growing and dried grass. Pls help, thanks!

  6. free online landscaping program?????

    is there a free online landscape design program out there? i want o do my garden, but i want to plan it out on computer first. without having to buy softwear

  7. What is a good gardening beginners magazine to read?

    I'm wanting to start my own garden and landscape my back yard but i want a good mag with good ideas. Not anything to much but a creative mag.