Rock Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. backyard sanctuary ideas?

    I am trying something new, Im always stressed out and can not meditate ect so I am building a rock garden with a pond, im goig to plant some plants around it, getting the garden cleaned up, gonna build a back fence....oh ya i only rent the landlord just doesnt do anything and I feel this may help me What other cool unique ideas do you have for my little sanctuary?? thank you I know the landlords personally ( its actually my mom and her ex bf, except her ex lives in the basement and is lazy, so my mom is thrilled that i am doing this) I tried teh emditation thing before and there are always soo many thought pouring through my head that i can not concentrate

  2. landscape ideas where can i get designer rocks?

    I would like to know if any one knows of a place that has design rocks. something that you can cover things in the yard and camaflouge. decor the yard and cover things like the water faucet and the yard still looks nice. i swa some on the home design show but i couldnt get the infromation at the time.

  3. landscaping my garden?

    i have not long moved into a new house. It has a front garden with steps going down the centre of it. On both sides the garden is split in to 3 tiers. I have a dog, although he wont be out there much, but i was just wondering if any one can give me any ideas on how to make it look nice - would like some flowers out there - hanging baskets etc. It just needs a bit of designing. any advice ?

  4. Garden/Backyard Idea?

    I live in Las Vegas and I have a tiny backyard. My mother and I really want to spruce up the backyard but can't do anything too elaborate (especially with how often the plants die out here). Also-- I will not put cactus in because my cats go into the backyard with me. I really want a Japanese theme but I have no idea where to start. Do you? (Any ideas at all appreciated)

  5. Help with Landscaping Ideas?

    Anyone know a website where i could get pics of home landscaping to get some ideas?

  6. Question about a rock garden?

    I'm planning a rock garden in memory of my daughter, I have the design, flowering, etc... planned out, I just need help with the stone. I had originally wanted to use limestone, but I want something with more coloring, specifically lighter purples, etc... Is it possible to have limestone colored that way? If not, what are some good stone ideas (aside from the typical pea gravel) that would fit that idea, if there are any? I also plan to add a shallow reflection pond, and a border of larger stones, any recommendations for those stones or how to do that pond? I've never done much with this type of thing, so any and all advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, and I apologize if I don't get back to select a best answer, my internet access is limited at the moment!

  7. Landscape ideas needed for yard.?

    I live on the beach. Needless to say my yard is SAND! What a pain in the bum. I have four dogs plus foster dogs in and out all the time. They track sand in all the time. I've got the front yard all figured out. Had sod put down and it's perfect. I don't want grass in my backyard. I had a nightmare of an experience with a landscaping company. I ordered (and prepaid) for my entire yard (which is huge) to be done in Arizona red rock. They delivered and laid enough to cover 1/3 of my yard. (I'm still dealing with the company, not looking good. I'm not getting a refund, or more gravel.) I'm leaning toward mulching my yard. I don't want to have to shell out another large chunk of money for gravel. I don't want grass because they put the gravel in the dead center of my yard. I think it would look goofy. Plus I don't want the mowing company to ever enter the back yard. I want a no nonsense, little maintenance option. Anyone have any ideas? edit* I do have a fountain. It sits in the center of the yard and is surrounded by a flower bed. I have several "planted" areas. With palm trees and such. I have patio areas with furniture and the grill and typical patio stuff. I should have said I was just specifically looking for a good ground cover. My bad. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. I need some Ideas for own landscaping design, Anyone can help?

    I face the problem regarding the landscaping design, i wish to design my own landscaping, hope somebody can give me some idea, it will be appreciate