English Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. English Garden vs. Italian Garden?

    Do you know what the difference is between an English garden and an Italian garden? I am looking for serious answers, even though I know what to expect ;-) Thanks! :-)

  2. I want to design and English cottage garden?

    in my backyard, I live in the country/ city area, and it is small approx 40 feet wide and approx 20-30 feet (it definatley looks much wider then long in length) and there is also a ditch to sweep away water when it pours really bad, does anybody have advise on how to decorate it, or know of any good websites to go to ( i am more a visual person, if you have pictures that would be nice) and also would anybody know of how to still use up the space by the ditch?

  3. looking for landscaping ideas for my backyard?

    Just bought a brand new house. Want a low maintenance back yard, don't want any grass, but do want the yard look artistic. The back yard is wide, but not deep. The size is about 23 X 60 feet. Any idea?

  4. Help! I need some ideas for my Dystopian opening?!?

    I have to do a Dystopian opening for English. I was thinking a society where everyone has turned to religion - it's taken over everyone's lives. They're told that God wishes them to be happy, and happiness is war/beauty - females are told to look pretty, males are told to go to war for God. I'm unsure as to why people would have turned to religion? Maybe something post-apocalyptic - i'm not sure what though. Also, I'd like some ideas as to what the society/the landscape would look like if it was centred on religion/war/beauty. Best answer gets 10 points - Thanks in advance :D

  5. Is there a good website for landscaping ideas?

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  6. Help with an english paper?

    I need to make up my own creation story. I just ned a basic idea on which to start! THANKSS!

  7. Landscape architecture career and studying?

    Hey there, I am In the middle of my AS studying. I'm currently taking law,English lit, English language and graphics and I will dropping law for alevel. I've always been interested in drawing and designing. The idea of designing golf courses or gardens is really interesting but I need some help! Firstly would I need to take landscape design or Architecture to just draw plans for gardens etc? Secondly have I taken appropriate subjects (basically can I still take up landscape design with my subjects) ? Thirdly what universities are good for this type of topic? I'd really appreciate feedback, I know I'm asking alot of questions but I want to make sure I make the right decisions! :)

  8. I want to landscape my yard into a English/Irish/Scottish?

    I have a fairly large yard and it looks kind of dull. . I'm wanting to decorate it in an English/Irish/Scottish manner. What I mean as English/Irish/Scottish manner is the type of homes that you see in the country or in small towns with rock-walls fences for example. None of the modern city homes. If you can help me out by suggesting ideas, visual images, or a website I'd appreciate. Thanks ;)!

  9. Ideas for logo designs help?

    I need to design a logo for a garden design company. The company is called Budding Garden Design.. Their style focus is 'English Heritage Landscape' with a 'modern edge'. I have a few ideas but they are rubbish :( Does anyone have any thoughts on what I could do?

  10. Landscaping Resources?

    Looking for some good websites that provide info about landscaping. Trying to determine what types of plants grow best in certain areas and what kind of options their are instead of having a lawn. If you know of any really good sites please please let me know. I'm very new to all this landscaping/yard maintenance stuff. Thanks!