Better Homes And Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. good landscaping ideas needed please?

    Hi! I live in NY so I was wondering when should I start landscaping? I've already started to clean up my yard of rocks and sticks. I've planted flowers last year but they all died within a month. I was wondering what kind of flowers, trees, and shrubbery would be durable in the summertime. I have 3 trees, one is a pine tree, and I have 2 that flower pink flowers for a month, I believe around April they bloom, but don't last any longer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also have a little stone walkway in the front of my house but i don't have one in the back, and we use that door most often. There's a concrete slab halfway between the house and the road, I don't know what they had there... any ideas to make my home more beautiful is appreciated!! Thank you! I guess it's a mix of shade and sunlight, I would like to put some flowers around the base of the trees and then some along the path...

  2. landscaping?

    Hi, I want to fix up my backyard. I have no experience, and would like to find a website that gives simple, inexpensive ideas. Thanks for any help.

  3. Does anyone know of a good landscaping ideas website?

    I am looking for ideas on what to do with my front yard. It is plain and I want to do a make over with alot of things. Its an older home and I have a flower bed on the left side of my walkway and its in an area that does not get a lot of sun. So to spice it up a bit I am looking at ideas but when I google ideas I dont get much to work with. Any good websites out there that I can look for ideas on? Also want to do my backyard with a flower bed or something because it is also very plain

  4. What is an easy way to start gardening?

    I will return home at the end of July and would like to start some sort of gardening project in August. But I have never done any kind of gardening/landscaping. I have no idea what kind to buy and plant. I am completely clueless. We live in Kansas were we experience all 4 seasons. It gets quite windy in our area. The front of the house is facing the south.

  5. I need a landscape barrier. Any ideas?

    It will be perennials, in full sun, need no maintanence, 6-12 feet tall, alternating coniferous and deciduous, can take a WI winter. Color is great, but not necessary

  6. 2 questions where can i find good websites for lanscaping a home?

    not only that i live in a small double wide and what is like a concrete patio called its just enough to have steps on and a walkway to my car?? i need help please