Shade Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Landscaping in shade around a swimming pool? Any ideas?!?

    i live in north carolina and my backyard has a lot of trees so the sun hits only certain spots throughout the day. i want pretty and colorful flowers, plants, shrubs etc... and if possiblee for a low budget!! any ideas are helpful!!! THANKS

  2. No grass landscaping?

    At the back portion of our back yard is all shade, we have put grass seed down but it is only comming in barely,( i did try shade grass seed) i dont think sodding will help, as there is so much shade, what else can we do ...any landscape ideas that can make it look nice without maybe having any grass back there at all, stones ?, wood chips? i have no idea, i dont want to have to leave it all cheap cheap would also be a factor :)

  3. ideas on how to landscape front yard?

    triangler shaped front yard needs a low maintence but pretty make over. have started the process of killing weeds & fertilizing whatever grass is there a lot of dirt patches. was thinking ground cover. instead of grass. there is no shade. in central florida any ideas?

  4. Landscape ideas for a Florida backyard...?

    Outside of grass, our backyard is completely empty! We built our home, and I would like to have a nice yard area to go with it. Unfortunately we don't have a patio, so something that I could incorporate some seating areas into would be nice. Any suggestions as to some plants that are "Florida friendly" and fairly low maintenance? (Also, the land dips down 1-2 feet at the back of the yard - so anything that would help cover that up and make it look normal would be great!)

  5. How to create a small forest garden?

    In my backyard there is a small trail that leads to a tiny forest. You have to walk across a circular field and then enter the forest. The forest is very different from the rest of the area. It is a couple thousand feet in diameter. I want to decorate this place with flowers and other landscaping techniques but need some inspiration. The area is very shaded and filled with trees so i thought some color would be nice. It would make a wonderful place to go for some peace and quiet. Does anyone know of any websites or books that give directions on Landscaping ideas and Decorating gardens etc? Thank you!

  6. any shell crafts ideas?

    i got back from my vacation to florida and i got a ton of shells and i'm not sure what i should do with them. websites with detailed instructions or original ideas are welcome

  7. Landscaping in Sonoma County?

    Hi - I'm relandscaping my Sonoma County yard (I think zone 9-10). I will be installing drip irrigation, but I want to do low-maintenance stuff. The front yard faces west and is riddled with shallow roots from three birches in the front corner of the yard. We're planning to mound dirt and do some terraced perennails/bushes - I'm thinking along the lines of bunch grasses and lavender, but would love more ideas. The space is maybe 30'x 15'. Soil is absolute concrete. In the back I'm replacing a pool-side lawn with a path/seating area and more mounded landscaping. The back gets more shade, and I would love to do a fragrance garden (no roses, please...can't stand them) and some japanese maples. What else? Soil is the same concrete crap. What else can I put in? Thanks!